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Initial Contact

All appointments are booked in advance.

The first appointment (and sometimes, the second) will be arranged to see if therapy is the way forward for you. This appointment (assessment) involves exploring how you feel, what you think about your situation, and what you expect from therapy. It will involve saying something about your life and your past. Also, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the service.

At the end of the first (or second) appointment, we will mutually agree the frequency and duration of sessions, relevant issues to explore, and the terms and conditions of your therapy. Or you could go, have a think about it and get in touch at a later date.

Fees Per Session

Each appointment lasts for 50 minutes.

£40 for assessments (first appointment)
£40-45 for therapy

Fees are paid at the beginning of each session.

Fees are reviewed annually. Any increase in fees will be notified to you and discussed with you well in advance.

Absences & Cancellations

At the first (or second) appointment, we will agree the period of notice for absences and cancellations. Sessions not cancelled within the agreed period will be charged.

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